1-hour show Evaluation

What is your view of your programme after it has been completed and finished?

After listening to my groups’ hour-long show I believe that our show emulated the radio station we set out, BBC Radio Scotland and fitted their target audience. We worked very as a team, our own individual packages fitted the “Future of Scotland” theme. When broadcasting the questions we asked each other and our live guest were all scripted and gave a nice back and forth conversation. However I do feel like as a group we should a put more input to our script as a whole. We only really started to work on the script the day of the broadcasting meaning we never had time to do full rehearsal of the hour long show. Also we over timed on how long each of us would have on being the presenter and on how long our live guest would speak for, thus  causing us to have 20min left without a script. Although, I believe that our group held it together and we managed to come up with some great on the spot questions to ask each other also with the public getting involved with our show on twitter we had more dialog to start a group discussion rounding our show up to the hour. Nevertheless, listening back second time round you can to start to hear the slight pauses being taken and times when we just had questions to ask one another so we just started to ask a complete new question.

How effective do you think your approach/strategy was through all its stages i.e. the activities chosen, the planning and organization done?

When first put into our group we were decided on our radio Station and our all-round theme within our first group meeting giving us the advantage to help narrow down what our individual package at early stage, we stuck to our decision through-out time producing our packages and we kept having regular team meetings one what stage everyone is at. As a group we decided to have time slots on how long we should be working on a certain task e.g.  Agreeing to only have 3 weeks into to research and on the third week we needed to start locating interviews. At the begin we kept a tight schedule however, towards the end some group members were more closer to being finished while others still had more work to do causing us to push back some priorities such as  having a practice run before broadcasting. I do feel like as a group we should organized things a bit tighter when it was coming to are final week until we went live although the day of the broadcasting we all worked together to help each other write a script for the live show and had some great questions to ask each other.

How successful do you feel your programme was in the meeting its purpose?

We decided to emulate a BBC Radio Scotland programmes as their target audience are people who liked to be informed on Scottish “life, culture and affairs”. After listening back to our show I believe that we were successful in emulating this. As each of our packages were based around Scottish life, culture and affairs. When broadcasting like BBC Scotland we were more speech-driven and had no music being played. Also with all of our presenter being Scottish spoken I feel added a real bonus into basing a programme around BBC Scotland.

How successful do you feel your programme was in meeting its intended audience?

We intended our target audience to be aimed at young adults/middle aged (21-50), People who want to be informed about the events surrounding Scotland. With our 1 hour show being based around BBC Scotland I believe that we were successful in meeting our target audience as all our packages were to inform people and with our live guest being a councillor he gave us more information about Scotland an

How appropriate do you feel your programme was in meeting the requirements for its selected station? 

With our Selected Station being BBC Radio Scotland. We needed are package to have no music and have our show being speech-driven. Also we had to make sure that we informed our listeners about Scottish life. I feel that we manged to meet the requirements for BBC Scotland as we didn’t play any music during our show and through the 1 hour we spoke right up towards the end. Also everyone in the group was Scottish Spoken including our live guest making our show feel more like a real BBC Scotland Documentary.

Describe the team-work involved in the whole production. What aspects of it do you feel helped the programme to be successful and what aspects of it do you feel can be improved?

Through-out the show while our packages were being played we were changing seats to make everyone had a shot at presenting and working the faders also we were time checking ourselves to make sure that we weren’t under/over time. When we were live we had already written are questions to ask each other meaning none of us were out in the spot. I feel like having those question really helped for show as no one was put on the spot. However I do feel like we should have had a rehearsal when answering the questions as none of knew how long each person would take answering. For not having a rehearsal caused us to have 20 minutes of no script or questions to ask each other causing us to think on the spot adding more pressure during the live show. the aspects that we should improve on is timing if we gave more time into doing a practice show then I feel like we would of saw these issues before the live show meaning we could of added more content in.

If you listened to this programme on the radio, what would be your reaction as a member of a typical audience?

If I listened to this on the radio I would be engaged. Each package brought something different to the programme such politics, film music and sport being it would a range of factors that it would appeal to a lot of people. When listening to this I would have learnt something new has each package brought an idea that not really many people have spoken about on a radio show.





What changes or modifications did you make to your approach during the course of the activity? What other approaches did you consider?

There was no real drastic modifications that we made during the build up to are live show. We knew at the start that our programme would be speech-driven and we knew that we wanted are live guest to be a councillor who would have more input on at least one of our individual packages. However, one way that I would help improve the show on the day is increase the build-up on social media. On the day of broadcasting we only got few responses with social media and with us having a lot of time left over I feel that if we went more public with are programme then the more people getting involved would of helped us cut down some time.

 What aspects of your production skills would you concentrate on improving after critically evaluating your work? Justify your answer by referring to the programme.

A major problem that I would improve on is keeping a fixed schedule in the group when completing the work. Near the final weeks of going live some group members where ahead of others meaning we had to keep pushing back over priorities such as writing out our script and having a rehearsal before the live show. I believe that we should have gave ourselves at least a week to write a script and do a practice run of our show, so that we would have been aware of how long we would have had and what other content we could of brought in to help bring the show to the hour. I also believe that we should have had a cut time, e.g. if a member of the group package wasn’t complete by a certain time or with they hadn’t got all their interviews yet while we were on the last weeks then we should of brought in a “plan b” just in case that person wasn’t finished in time. Although everyone in the group did have a completed package but we put aside other priorities like planning the live show.

My 6-8 minute documentary Evaluation

On the first day that we were put into our groups, we were decided on the station style and our all-round theme. We agreed to emulate BBC Radio Scotland and our theme being about “The Future of Scotland”. Some group members were already decided on what they wanted to base their package on, however I was still undecided on that day so we agreed to have a week of researching topics and we would report to our group with or idea. During the time, looking and researching a topic I was struggling to come with an idea to present to my group. With my group, noticing that I was starting to fall behind one of the members gave me the idea to base my package on sport. I thought this would be a great idea as my formative graded unit was on a sport topic. I came up with the idea of producing a package on “The Future of Scottish Football”. I thought this would be a great idea as it fits into our theme and would be perfect for BBC Scotland as they already do shows based on Scottish Football.

When I was decided on this topic, I began to research to find if there was a story. With the groups theme being about the “future of Scotland” I had make sure that the articles were relatively new. Within the time, planning my research the Scottish Football Association had just appointed a new director with his plans to improve the future of our Scottish players. I thought this would be a great story to write about as it was recent at the time and no one knew much about what the SFA were planning. With that, I knew the angle I needed to get this documentary to fit with my groups theme.

I feel that all my interviews fitted my topic. At the start, my aim was to interview the director of the SFA to give me a first-hand information on what he was bringing to the team. However, at the time he was unable to give an interview meaning I had to change my documentary around so that I could get someone to give me information on the SFA. Also in my original plan, I wanted to interview a member from the SFA supporters club (Tartan Army), however, when I went to locational places i.e. sport pubs, football stadiums. No one wanted to give their input, meaning I had to change my story angle to aim at the young and what we can do to improve their future.

With me changing my angle to be more on the about the youth set-up on football I decided to get interviews from Coaches and Football development officers. In addition, I still wanted to interview a sport journalist, I feel like having someone who studies football and would have all the facts around Scottish football. I feel that having these type of people in my documentary would be great has each person would give different views on the youth on Scottish Football. Also in my pitch, I wanted to have Vox pops of Scottish people giving their opinion on their national team. However, I never gave myself much time to go out and locate people meaning that I has to come up with a new way to start my package. I feel like having vox pops would of made a show feel more like a BBC Scotland documentary.


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