Boxing interview: Denise McManus

I have arranged a meeting with Denise McManus, A mother whose son at 8 years old has taken part in boxing exhibitions. The interview will take place on the 11th of January at her home. The reason I asked Denise for an interview is because she is heavily involved with boxing and supports her child during training.

The Question I will be asking Denise are:

  1. and what was he when he first started
  2. Whose idea was it to get Cody into boxing lessons?
  3. Why young age (would do same again)
  4. benefits
  5. Hurt worried
  6. Do you feel Cody being around a boxing environment does he resort to fighting more quicker than other kids not being part of boxing
  7. Through the years Cody has taken part in boxing how many Exhibitions has he been in?
  8. While watching Cody in the ring have you ever thought that he could get seriously hurt?
  9. What would you say to the parents who disagree with young people boxing each other?

attached is the email I have sent Denise requesting an interview email-blur


Boxing Interview: coach

I have arranged a meeting with Sean Herron a local boxing coach at “The Edinburgh boxing academy (Teba)”.The interview will take place on the 10th of January at Teba Boxing gym. The reason I picked Sean Herron was because he teaches boxing to children at 8 years old. He was also a former Scottish Boxing Champion who ranked number 4 in Britain. I believe Sean is the right person for this interview as he has had previous experience in the ring and by looking reviews on his website it is clear to see that the community admire his work.

Teba website:


The questions I will be asking Sean will be:


  1. What inspired you to open class and teach young kids about boxing?
  2. For a young boxer to compete in the ring he/she must be at least 10 or over. Why do think 8 years old is a suitable age to begin training?

Why not wait 2 years

Young bodies

  1. What health and safety procedures are carried out for the build-up of a child going into the ring?
  2. How much training does a young boxer need before stepping into a ring?
  3. What type equipment do you offer for a child interested in boxing?
  4. What are the arrangements for a child to box with another i.e age, gender, weight, experience?
  5. In a parents perspective how do you a sure them that their child is safe.
  6. What do say to the people who say that a young boxer is just being influenced to use his fists rather than his words?


Attached is the email I have sent to Sean Requesting an interview and his reply.


Boxing: Interview Proposal

The person I would like to interview would be a Boxing coach who has trained with young kids and who can give me information about the health and safety of what it is like to prepare kids to going into a ring. I have made a proposal to previous boxing coach from Newcastle who has taught kids for 3 years. He has agreed to an interview and now is just waiting on a set date

Idea for package (Boxing)

My pitch idea is going to be about ‘kids in boxing’. in this documentary i will find out if boxing is safe for kids, can it cause any damages and what are the procedures carried out to prepare a child for going into a boing ring. The reason I have chosen this package is because i have a personal view on the matter with one of my sisters taking part in boxing. I will conduct the interview by having two sides of the story i.e. the Good and Bad