group meeting 17/5/17

in the audio file attach we spoke about the order we will play are packages and we discussed who our live guest will be

*below the order we will take

  • Jordan – Future of Scottish Football
  • Myself – Future of Scottish Film Industry
  • Megan – Future of Live Music in Scotland
  • Stevie – Future of Scottish Politics: Future Leaders


  • a full audio discussion of what we discussed

4th Group Meeting


First day back after the Easter break and our group was still on track. Matthew, Megan and I are still sticking our chosen packages. However has changed his idea slightly, he is still doing a package on Scottish Referendum but has developed it to “The future of Scotland for our political leaders  ”

Also in the in are meeting we found out were everyone is and what still needs to be done.

Matthew- Is continuing his research as his topic has got more popular through-out the Easter break. He has also got one interview and arranged to have interviews through out the week.

Megan- has had one interview for her package and is now it the stage of contacting others. she has also completed her blog work.

Stevie- although has developed his story slightly, he knows who he wants to interview and now at the stage of contacting.

Myself- I have updated the blog for the due date for today and have contacted people from SFA and STV to ask them with they are willing for a interview, They were to help and now I am waiting to arrange a meeting with them.

This meeting was recorded, I’ve added a link below to hear the raw edit..



3rd Group Meeting

It is only a week until our group has to present our pitch and everyone had a solid package idea.

  • Mines- The Future of Scottish Football
  • Matthew’s- The Future of Film in Scotland
  • Megan’s – What does the future hold for the live music in Scotland?
  • *Stevie was absent this day so we still assume it is Child Migrants (TBC)

our group was happy with each individual package as they all fit nicely into our theme and our radio station.

*14/03/17 Day of the Pitch

Stevie changed his topic to “Scottish independence 2nd time round”. The group feel like Stevie made the right choice in changing his package as this fits more into our theme that is “the Future of Scotland” and is perfect for BBC radio Scotland.

2nd Group meeting

6th of March 2017

After our first team meeting, some of the group members had a solid package idea. Matthew was wanting to do a package on “the future of Scottish Film” and Stevie wanted to do a package on”Child Migrants who settled within Scotland and now it has impacted their lives”.Megan and I were still undecided on what package could be on, however, Megan had a rough idea of making a package based around the NHS. As for me, I was still struggling to come up with an idea and time was running out for the hand in dates for the pitch. Matthew suggested that I should do my package on sport, I took his advice and started to research sports topics and I came up with Football idea that I can use for my package. I needed time to research the topic fully so the group agreed to have another team meeting in two days time with everyone’s solid package idea. I am starting to worry that I won’t have an idea to present to my Lecturer in the time of the pitching hand in. but I feel with Matthews help I think I may have a solid idea and a package.

1st Group meeting

21st of February 2017, our lecturer placed us into our groups. I have been put in a group with Stevie Shillinglaw, Matthew Sanders, and Megan Lloyd. We decided to have our first team meeting and we came up with the theme of our individual package and what station we will emulate.  group meetings*looking at the image you can see our radio station, theme, a few ideas and are (TBC) live guest

As a group, we decided to have our 1-hour magazine program speech base driven and cause of that we thought BBC Radio Scotland would be a great station to emulate as their documentaries are speech base and their target audience are slightly older (25+) and gender neutral. Also in the group meeting, we decided that our theme for are individual package would be “what does the future hold for Scotland”. I believe that this will fit well into BBC Scotland because their target is “listeners seeking programmes about the life, culture and affairs of Scotland.” (quote from the BBC trust form).

We also wrote down some factors of what each group member can base their package on i.e. Politics, Technology, Sport…(more can be seen in the photo). Once we wrote down all the factors each group member selected a factor to try and any find relevant research on it. The factors that we chose were:

  • Matthew – Film/Technology/Sport
  • Stevie – Politics/Society
  • Megan – Society
  • Myself– Culture/Traditions

Our lecturer also informed us that we need to have a live guest in our magazine program. Stevie brought up the idea of having MSP Ross Greer, who is the youngest MSP in Scotland and has a great insight into Scottish society.

Towards the end of the meeting, we all agreed that we are sticking with the theme and the radio station. some of the group members had a rough idea of their package and they wanted to do. as for myself, I was still undecided on what my package could be about so we decided to have another group within the week to give people time to research their ideas and start eliminating weak factors.