Graded Unit Interview: Chris Roberts

I have arranged to have a studio interview with Chris Roberts a Football Development Officer for the SFA. I found out about Chris by going on the SFA website. I sent him an email however never got any response so I found his work number and gave him a call. Chris was glad to give is input for my documentary. I believe that Chris is the right person to have for my documentary has his occupation is to host events to help encourage more young kids to get into football.

Questions for Chris Roberts, Football Development Manager

  1. What does your job as a Football Development Manager do?

Prompt – how long been involved in the SFA

  1. Through-the ‘’ years you have worked with the SFA what you say that our Scottish national team needs to improve on

                 Prompt- This generation is their hope/ Outside the club

  1. It’s nearly been 20 years since Scotland qualified for world cup why do you think our team is struggling to make it.

Do you think the struggle to make a strong team starts at a young age?

  1. So how is it countries like N Ireland and Wales are able can make it through while the Scottish team are struggling

5. Now being a Development manager in the SFA what are contributing to helping              prepare our young team for the future of our international team

6. how can we encourage more kids to get back into football

7. With Malky Mackay’s new role as Performance director of the SFA do you think him introducing project Brave

        Prompt- aware Project Brave what do you think about it/ will it help us in the          future

8. If you were pointed director of the SFA what be the first concern you would tackle to help improve our international team’s future?

The email I sent Chris requesting an interview Chris email

The Audio realise form signed by Chris  Chris Audio Realise Form