Graded unit interview: Matthew Lindsay

I have arranged to speak to Matthew Lindsay, a Chief writer for the Herald. Matthew has been working for the Herald since 1999 and has published many articles about Scottish Football and all their academies. I found out about Matthew when doing research on my package and Matthew had recently written an article on Scottish Football  The reason I requested Matthew was with is years working as a sports journalist and he is an independent reviewer of Scottish football. I believe that Matthew will give me great research on Scottish Football and may have more insights on Project Brave.

After E-mailing  Matthew, we have arranged to have a telephone interview on the 27th of April at 10:00. Seen below are the questions I will ask Matthew

Questions for Matthew Lindsay

“From your time publishing articles about Scottish football”,

What would be the factors you would improve on our Scottish team.

  • prompt This generation is there hope

It’s nearly been 20 years since Scotland qualified for world cup why do you think our team is struggling to make it.

Why do you think Scotland is struggling to qualify while other countries (N Ireland/Wales..) can make it through?

What do you think the main concerns are in the outside the team

Do you know what project brave is

  • prompt -Yes- do you think it will help / No- should we be informed

With Malky Mackay’s new role as Performance director, with him bringing Project brave to the SFA do you think this will help improve our future team?

If you were pointed director of the SFA what be the first concern you would tackle to help improve our international team’s future?

What makes the tartan army keep on supporting coming to games and supporting their team?

Before the interview, I sent Matthew an audio release form and when the interview was about to start he agreed to the terms. Below is an audio recording to Matthew agreeing

Attached is the Emails Matthew and I sent each other to the build-up of this interview.

Matthew Emails