group meeting 17/5/17

in the audio file attach we spoke about the order we will play are packages and we discussed who our live guest will be

*below the order we will take

  • Jordan – Future of Scottish Football
  • Myself – Future of Scottish Film Industry
  • Megan – Future of Live Music in Scotland
  • Stevie – Future of Scottish Politics: Future Leaders


  • a full audio discussion of what we discussed

Future of Scottish Football: Script


Inserts Scotland Goal (10sec)

Scottish football brought us the greats like Tommy Burns, Ally McCoist and who can forget that amazing 40-yard goal from James McFadden. Where have the glory days gone? The days when we used to bunk off work to go down to Hampden Park and wear our Scotland strip no-matter what the occasion. (15sec)

It has nearly been 20 years since Scotland has last qualified for any major tournament. (6sec)

Why is it that our team cannot be great like it was all those years ago, what has changed over the last 20 years to make Scotland not live up to its predecessors. I asked Chief Football Editor Matthew Lindsay from the Herald what is happening with our beloved Scottish football team. (13sec)

Inserts Matthew Centre backs (38sec)

Key issue is….

                                                …problem international level

I also asked Chris Roberts a football development officer for the SFA on how he thinks Scotland is performing?  (5sec)

Insert Chris superstar player (34 sec)

You know has a nation …

                                                … Got could players


Both men agree that we need more players but how is that. Why are we not getting a better income of future players? (5sec)

Insert Chris kids 20 years ago (19sec)

Number one thing…

                                                …much as they used to be


How can we improve our youth team setup? I spoke to a Development coach for a team in Edinburgh and he says what we should do to help prepare the future of our Scottish national team

 Insert Challenge the players (26sec)

You need someone who…

                                                                …player scared to do anything

So what are we doing to help our players now? One way that the SFA is trying to improve their team is by introducing Project Brave brought in by Performance director Malky Mackey. However what is project brave? I asked Matthew if he could give us more insight on this (15sec)

Insert Matthew Lindsay (64 sec)

In summery…

                                …toughen them up as well

Insert coach Project Brave (51 sec)

I think what project….

                                                …better performance on the pitch


Now that project brave is just starting to branch out to other academies what about the youth? How can they be prepared into our future? I ask Chris on how we can encourage more kids to get back into football (13sec)

Insert Chris encourage (38 sec)

Yeah well organising …

                                                …kids to get out more

Insert coach abroad (18sec)

Players going abroad …

                                                … Hopefully a massive benefit

The Edinburgh coach then went on to say how he would like to improve our team/ Players (3sec)

Insert future (23sec)

Like us to get someone in …

                                                                …might just have a team ready to compete

I then ask Matthew what he thinks could help improve performance on the pitch (5sec)

Insert specialist coaches (36sec)

Speaking to a former player…

                                                                ..Centre backs in the future 


However is there still hope for Scotland? Can are team turn it around (4sec)

Insert Matthew hope (15sec)

Fairly optimistic …

                                                …local talent through

Insert Chris hope (21sec)

                                I do think we can…

                                                                                …Work together has a team

Insert SFX (10sec)