Graded Unit Interview: Edinburgh Coach

i have arranged a meeting with a Edinburgh coach who helps train the youth in an academy. before the interview took place the coach wished not to have his name being used through the documentary. the reason  i wanted to interview this person is because with him working as a coach he would give me great insight to what his academy is doing to help improve that future of our Scottish team.

Question for the coach

  1. What’s the secret to getting a good team going?
  2. How long have you been coaching for
  3. Through-out those years what do you think has changed in the way we are training the future of our Scottish players.
  4. Coaching set up old fashion
  5. How do you think we could encourage more kids into joining more youth academies
  6. Why do you feel Scotland is not producing these players
  7. What would you do to improve Scottish football
  8. what do you think the main concerns are in the outside the Scottish team
  9. is there still hope for out team



The Audio realise form signed by the  coach