Zoom recorder Checklist

Zoom recorder checklist


Make sure you have all your essentials i.e. handle to fit on mic, An SD card to store your recordings, a wind jammer to dissolve the impact from the wind to the recorder, a USB cord to send your recording to the computer, a rubber case to protect recorder and headphones to listen while recording and to listen to levels.



  1. Make sure battery are at a reasonable level (at least two bars or more) and bring a spare set
  2. Input fully charged batteries into the Zoom Recorder
  3. Insert SD card
  4. Put protective case over recorder
  5. Insert your headphones
  6. Insert SD card
  7. Screw on handle
  8. If outside/ windy environment put wind jammer over mic
  9. Turn on device (making sure all gains are set to low before turning on)
  10. Set to record mode (but making sure you have the correct microphone settings i.e for an interview WAV setting or to capture sound MP3 setting)
  11. Check if you have enough memory for your recordings.
  12. Make sure your polar pattern pick up is set to the correct type of record mode
  13. Adjust gains i.e. adjusting levels to your surroundings and volume to your interviewee
  14. Make sure your polar pattern pick up is set to the correct type of interview
  15. Have a practice record with both the presenter and interviewee
  16. If levels are correct, have a test recording to make sure everything sounds right. (also in the test recording you can get the persons full name/ title, so you know how to introduce them)
  17. Begin to record
  18. When finish send recording(s) to computer using USB cord

Things to watch out for

Clothing/ jewellery – make sure you’re not wearing loose accessorises that could be picked up by the mic

Interferences- if outside beware of your surroundings e.g. cars/ groups of people

Minimise handling noise – not too much moving about with the microphone

Volume- make sure gains are at correct level has if too loud will go into distortion


Jordan Banks